Sunday, 25 July 2010

Smoking; COOL or not cool?
I have never really thought about whether smoking was cool or not cool, sexy or not sexy, smoking is enjoyable, whether it is cool or sexy didn’t seem all that relevant to me. There is no doubt that sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. If the smoker was an obnoxious chav of either sex - NO; but James Dean or Marlene DietrichJohnny Depp, Joanna Lumley or Billie Piper - YES! Hence, it is essential for the anti-tobacco mafia to ensure that the public only get to see chavs or ‘bad’ people smoking!
WE ALL KNOW that smoking can be cooool and seeexy but this is now a major target and under sustained attack as part of the anti-tobacco blitzkrieg/ governmental undeclared civil war on traditional British culture. Along with their other major target - emotive exploitation of ‘The children’, these seem to be the main or only remaining hopes left to salvage their increasingly dubious integrity and to persuade an increasingly skeptical public to eliminate filthy, smelly smokers. 
On-line discussions and comments on media articles by what often appear to be ‘professional’ anti-smokers seem to be constantly decrying the ‘coolness’ of smoking together with propaganda advertising and air-brushing smoking materials out of old photos - even cartoons, to alter history etc. All these tactics are  being used to make the public ‘perceive’ smoking to be ‘not cool’. This has actually highlighted the fact that smoking CAN actually look very cool indeed and also impart an aura of sophistication and sexual innuendo on the smoker. They are fighting a losing battle with that by denying what most people appreciate and see with their own eyes in real life. I actually think that there is more to the sight of celebrities smoking that gives it its coolness and sexual connotations!

A little known study on men aged 50 - 74 that discovered smoking actually raises youth hormones such as DHEA, pregnenolone and testosterone! Testosterone is often referred to as the sex hormone! It is a male hormone and the more we have, the higher our libido. This applies to women too. I have a theory that as sexual beings we can sense the sex urge and readines of the female to copulate. - just like dogs know when a bitch is in heat.
As smoking increases testosterone in women, we can sense it. This means that it is not the smoking that is cool and sexy but the raised testosterone that we subconsciously detect that excites us and finds the member of the opposite sex attractive and sexy! Seeing a member of the opposite sex smoking from afar, reminds us of that subconscious personal experience.
A few days ago both targets were used in one story - that of Billie Piper smoking near her child. The press had a field day;  The Guardian asks; “...parents who smoke around their children, Should they be publicly shamed, or left alone to make their own decisions?” and links to; The Sun’s headline; “Silly Billie” and The Mail that exclaims; “Puffing Billie: Toddler gets smoke in his face as actress mum enjoys a roll-up”. Readers quickly sussed out that the photo in question looked somewhat ‘dodgy’ and Billie herself later states “the image was "misleading" as the camera angle made her appear closer to her son than she was.” (I would expect nothing less from any anti-smoker zealot). 
Of course, all the articles (with the exception of the guardian) include moralizing comments from various professional anti-smoker organisations parroting the now well discredited ‘harms’ of second hand smoke and selective affects on children, ignoring the stuff that does not fit with their propaganda eg The large WHO European study by Boffetta et al that was meant to 'prove' passive smoking 'harm' but when completed produced only ONE statistically significant result - THAT PASSIVE SMOKING IS PROTECTIVE TO CHILDREN. 
Smokin hot Billie Piper, this time sans tobacco - just oozing sex
One comment in the Guardian summed up my feelings (apart from the reference to the Tories - It was an incompetent Labour Govt. Remember, that allowed anti-smoker fanatics to dictate their terms unchallenged).  Apparently many others related to this comment as it was recommended no less than 238 times;  
“If Miss Piper were on TV incessantly lecturing the rest of us about the dangers of smoking, that would be one thing. As it is, the press should just fuck off and mind their own business, which is sucking up to the Tories...”

Smoking Cool and Sexy - without doubt !!! - Click on 'Sitback', full screen, and enjoy deviant art images -The Art of Smoking. If you don't find these 'cool' and 'sexy' you must be a brain dead, testosterone deprived, sexually inadequate anti-smoker!!


More examples of ugly, unsexy, uncool famous people who smoke , ugly, uncool, unsexy models who smoke and a view from Frank Davis who examines the difference between what (some) doctors consider ugly and what the rest of us mere unintelligent mortals think we see.

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