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War Against The Weak - Eugenics Evolution

Eugenics Evolution - The next level in USA - courtesy of
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

This proposed rule would require each public housing agency (PHA) administering public housing to implement a smoke-free policy, in all living units, indoor common areas in public housing, and in PHA administrative office buildings and all outdoor areas up to 25 feet from the housing and administrative office buildings. (paraphrased).

Note; Comment Due Date: January 19, 2016.  
There is still time to submit YOUR comment, even at this late stage. 
(If nothing else, "I object to this proposal" will do!

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"Eugenics was the pseudoscience aimed at "improving" the human race. In its extreme, racist form, this meant wiping away all human beings deemed "unfit," preserving only those who conformed to a Nordic stereotype. [In USA],  elitists, utopians and so-called progressives fused their smoldering race fears and class bias with their desire to make a better world." Preying on the weakest minority members of society was their hallmark. During the 20th century's first decades, California was considered an epicenter of the American eugenics movement, pre-dating and strongly influencing Hitler's infamous eugenics program, but this type of original bigotry was outlawed several years ago. These eugenic nutters were given a bloody nose those many years ago and they ran off to hide under their slimy rocks. But they never went away, they just changed tack, evolved, and came back wearing a different face mask and a new con trick; Health!

Today, California has more than its fair share of eugenic-style nutters as well as substantial homelessness and wide inequalities in wealth and it is now the epicentre of the tobacco CONTROL movement, the modern temperance (anti-alcohol) movement, the healthist and anti-obesity movement. California may be the 'poster boy' state for the new puritanical 'progressives' but much of the remaining US has been infected with this Californian cancer too, and much of the western world is now also in the grip of this insidious culture.

Traditional eugenics considered race, ethnicity ('weak' genes) and physical/mental imperfection to be their defining 'unfit' characteristics, but modern-day eugenicists define the new 'weak' to be  lifestyle related. While racial bigotry still simmers under the surface, hidden in a dark place tentatively peeking out every now and then, the new 'weak' are those who are too 'weak' to maintain what is defined as a (Nordic stereotypical?) 'healthy lifestyle' ie. unable to control their food intake, alcohol consumption, quit smoking or do sufficient exercise. 

In reality the real 'weak', are not the infirm, the aged, the mentally ill or others who may be  dependent upon the goodwill of their fellow man (There but for the grace of god go I - OR YOU)! Nor are those who smoke, drink, may be a bit overweight or not so fit. It is those who suck it all up, allow themselves to be treated like sheep so they can be (or conned into believing they can be) part of the 'superior' class, or to coin an old phrase, part of the supercilious 'in-crowd'. The weak are those who allow themselves to be controlled by exploitation of their ego, pride, envy and greed. They are those who are mentally weak, easily influenced and deceived. They are those who haven't the wherewithal to realise they are being conned or the strength of character to stand up and be counted if they do. Instead, they choose to take the path-of-least-resistance and con themselves into believing that they are 'doing the right thing', as long as it does not inconvenience themselves. The weakest by far however are not even these gullible fools who can be easily conned.

ANYONE, and I mean anyone - not just the credulous can be conned if the 'con' is persuasive enough and apparently credible enough. The distinction of weakest goes to those who realise, or suspect that they have been victims of a 'con' and may have prematurely nailed their colours to the mast, but do not have the strength of character to accept that fact.  Ironically, these victims of deception will deny being victims (often to themselves as well as others), to avoid thinking of themselves as being weak minded, foolish, or being thought of as weak or foolish by others. Admitting such is too painful for them to handle. Some will even support, aid and abet their deceiver in the similar exploitation of others, rather than admit they were foolishly deceived themselves.

The most effective con trick, such as with the anti-smoker deception, begins platonically and may seem perfectly reasonable to begin with but grows ever more sinister as it develops.  The knack is in getting the victim tied in as early as possible - while it still appears reasonable. Once signed-up to it however, the con has the victim by the short and curlies. The original freely given support becomes strained as the pressure is ramped up to each new level. The 'reasonable' becomes slightly unreasonable to very unreasonable to grossly wrong. The victim becomes increasingly uncomfortable but is mentally committed and convinces him(her)self each time that it is still reasonable. At sometime during this process it becomes obvious that they have been had and that the parameters they thought they signed up to had been grossly exceeded. The victims response following this self-realisation is what separates the weak from the strong.

The anti-smoker agenda is the quintessential example of this type of con trick. It is one of the largest mass deceptions and the most successful use of herd psychology in human history. It demonstrates how weak minds can be controlled by exploiting human emotion, ego and greed. Today we see these parameters stretched way beyond 'grossly wrong'. Anyone who thinks it is still reasonable today surely has deep seated mental problems (eg. chronic smokerphobia)- OR they are being well paid to think it is reasonable.

As the anti-smoker deception unravels however, many good people are standing against anti-smoker nutters and many places in USA are halting the Goose-stepping march of those anti-smoker nutters. Many are refusing to implement new intolerant, destructive smoke bans or relaxing, rescinding, amending existing bans to ameliorate existing social and economic damage. eg; Indiana: Kentucky: Nevada: But there are even more places where common sense is prevailing and anti-smoker coercive 'ordinances' are being ditched, such as the appropriately named Liberty, Texas or Cleburne, Texas or Preston County in West Virginia. In other places, and not just US, there is evidence that smoke bans are being ignored (eg Greece), not or lightly enforced and smokers are finding ways of stymieing anti-smoker nutter prohibition efforts.

It should also be clear, or at least strongly suspected to those who have looked, that smokers are not quitting anymore! In order to justify their existence and avoid suggestions of failure, anti-smoker organisations do claim that smokers are declining in numbers (except when they want more funding). Their figures however, (worked out on the back of a fag packet over a few pints in one of the few remaining pubs?) are no more than wild guesstimates plus wishful thinking coupled with a psychological tactic to try and isolate smokers ("Resistance is futile I tell you- everyone is complying"- Lord Haw Haw (in WW2) tried the same tactics.) Who, in this oppressive climate, is daft enough to admit being a smoker, while probably getting their tobacco from illicit sources?

'They' tell you that they can control illicit tobacco too but the facts tell a different story. Legal high tax sales (used to suggest that smoking is reducing) are declining rapidly BUT illicit tobacco sales are booming;

eg. Australia (apparent anti-smoker paradise); ILLEGAL tobacco is booming across Australia with a 30 per cent increase in black market trade in the past two years costing taxpayers more than $1.35 billion, a new report has found. Illicit tobacco continues to fund international crime syndicates with record tax increases and plain packaging fuelling the demand for cheap counterfeit and contraband cigarettes,

and New York (apparent US anti-smoker paradise); New York’s revenue from cigarette taxes has plunged by $400 million over the past five years. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine shows the state lost a hefty $1.3 billion in uncollected taxes each year. Smokers responded to higher prices by turning to the black market, crossing state lines and buying cheaper brands from Native American outlets. The last 10 years have a been a boon to organized crime, with 58 percent of New York’s cigarettes supplied from out-of-state, according to the Tax Foundation. The number of packs bought paying the full tax has also collapsed by 62 percent.

In UK; "According to Prof West, research suggests that smoking rates in the UK have increased in 2015." Then lo and behold - They do indeed want more funding; ASH begs Government for more money!

While in the rest of the world; Most-of-the-worlds-smokers-have-no-plans-to-quit.

However, there are still places where anti-smoker extremists, intent on slash and burn tactics and a scorched earth policy before they are fully exposed, have far too much influence on some public servants and some in the medical community - who should all read, mark, learn and inwardly digest this simple but relevant quote;

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”      Edmund Burke.

In USA, a consultation is proposing state legislation that is effectively De-facto tobacco prohibition, purporting to be concerned for the health of residents and to 'help' them quit smoking for their own good. However, Smokers are not that easily bullied or cowed - and individuals within the anti-smoker industry know that.  (This is the reason they have to increase the coercion and bigotry by use of ever more extreme measures). Remember too that it is NOT organizations but INDIVIDUALS hiding within organizations who are responsible and who should ultimately be held to account! The reality is that this proposal effectively seeks to degrade, isolate and ultimately EVICT smokers from all social housing, most likely resulting in them becoming homeless - or is the intention to move recalcitrant smokers to ghettos?  Either way, this is reminiscent of Hitler's re-location of Jews in the 1930's - before they implemented their end-game solution. I have little doubt that this proposal will ultimately be supported given the amount of effort/money that has clearly been thrown at it. The views of the public will likely be ignored once again, in preference to the dozens of tobacco CONTROL industry employees who have their parasitic lifestyle and salaries to protect and extend. Ultimately however, this sort of excessive state intrusion into the lives of the general public will fail - it always has, but if resistance to this is not forthcoming NOW, it will take much longer before the anti-smoker deception fails and the damage/injury caused, on many levels, will much greater.


This is the comment I submitted;

I have been fascinated for years as to why and how easy it was for Nazi ideology in 1930's Germany to convince normal, intelligent, rational Germans to hate Jews and other minorities with such vicious fervour. I have met many Germans and found them no less sane, intelligent, nor immoral than, say, British or Americans. Why did those apparently normal Germans allow, even encourage a pathological psychopath to treat the Jewish race etc. with such disdain that eventually led to such a disastrous and tragic end-game solution? Please take a minute to consider this and try to explain, to your own satisfaction, how this happened. Also, in terms of basic human nature and susceptibility to influence by dark forces, what makes us any different today?

I have to say that I am aghast to see a similar scenario being played out in modern-day USA (and UK) and this proposal is a pretty good example of that process. Reading some of the comments, It becomes clearer to me how apparently normal people can be led into supporting evil, without them realising it.

While I appreciate that the majority of comments on here are from representatives of the wealthy tobacco CONTROL industry in all its forms, I am sure that there will also be many lay-persons who have been led to believe that smokers do represent a threat to their health. The threat of ill health caused by Jews was the central plank of the de-normalization campaign aimed at Jews in the 1930's too. In BOTH cases that threat was false / grossly exaggerated, manufactured in order to invoke irrational fear amongst the unsuspecting. (and no doubt those same people will want to invoke 'Godwin's Law' to discredit any such comparisons). But there is more to this than just manufactured irrational fear. People have been deceived by 'experts' into wrongly believing that the 'science' behind smoking is settled and that their actions are promoting 'good', not evil. I suggest that the Milgram Experiments in the 1960's, replicated in 2009 (should be viewed on YouTube) provides part of the explanation of this human frailty.

I have attached a copy of my consultation response to the British government (2014) regarding a proposal to ban smoking in cars (The issues are basically the same). I examine anti-smoker rhetoric and 'science' that has been reduced to nothing more than an political advocacy tool to promote their dogma. You may note that I predicted this attack on peoples freedoms, homes and private lives nearly two years ago but I am no clairvoyant, this is an obvious progression in salami-slice prohibition.

Make no mistake, this proposed ordinance WILL cause much hardship and probably much much worse, amongst those who refuse to be bullied. Wider society and other minority groups will also be adversely affected as a result of the precedent this would set - with worldwide implications. This should NEVER be tolerated in any civilised society. The main proponents, of this attempt to segregate and degrade the identities of certain minorities in society (it is NOT about health), think that they are untouchable. With the current experts-can-do-no-wrong blind culture that currently pervades western society, this is probably the case - for the time being at least. It could however, be a good time for good people to collate relevant evidence so that those individuals responsible can be called to account WHEN this insidious culture eventually collapses.


Note; Hitler's anti-smoker campaign;
While Winston Churchill puffed away on his cigars throughout the war, Hitler had a deep-seated, pathological hatred for tobacco smoking. Fortunately for the World, Hitler's hatred of smoking/smokers and the fact that he quit as a young man allowed the development of his Parkinson's disease (CNS diseases are prevented or delayed by smoking). He developed heart problems too. If he had continued to smoke and thereby maintained his full cognitive ability and physical health, the outcome of the 2nd World War may have been quite different.

Kin_Free; 15/01/16


  1. Excellent piece. Eugenics, in addition to the racial/breeding/heredity dimension that it is most notorious for, also has a behavioral dimension – anti-tobacco/alcohol, dietary prescriptions/proscriptions, physical exercise.

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  2. Thanks JB. There is some good, interesting information in your posts.

  3. Excellent kin and its so true.