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Anti-Smoker Parasites:- Cull needed


Human Tapeworm; Credit: Science Picture Co 
Similar to the genus; 'capnotaeniaendoparasite' 
(capnophibic parasite that, left untreated, destroys it's host society from within)

As a very young child we had a lovely 'Heinz 57 variety' dog called 'Lady', and I loved her dearly. I noticed, over a period of time, that she was becoming progressively hungry, began to look somewhat emancipated, lost the gloss in her coat, as well as her previously abundant vitality.  It was discovered that she had been infected with a big tape worm. Apparently, tapeworms don't normally cause a dog to be sick or lose weight, so maybe the worm was just having a free lunch, dinner and breakfast in Lady's gut and the rest was a child's imagination. I imagined this horrible thing lodged in her intestine, hijacking the nutrients in the dogs food, growing long and fat, while Lady got thinner.

In those days we didn't have the access to worming tablets that we do today so my dad had to revert to an old remedy to eradicate this parasite. It was necessary to starve the poor dog, and in so doing starve the tape worm, for three days. Then the dog was fed a home made concoction, the contents of which I cannot remember, but I believe it mainly consisted of castor oil. The logic apparently is that by starving the worm it would lose some of its bulk, and be so hungry that it would readily eat the castor oil, and that oil would also lubricate the intestine. It worked (but don't try this today when proper worming tablets do the job much better with no risk of adverse effect). We took the dog for a walk in the country where Lady excreted the worm. Like something out of 'Alien', the worm, about a half inch across and about 2 -3 feet long not unlike the picture above but of a slimy, dirty off-white colour, was slowly pulled out of her anus by my dad. Lady went on to have a long healthy life.

Tapeworms are passed on via a dog's faeces and then sometimes through an intermediate host like a flea or other animal. The successful parasite is one that can feed off and suck the life out of its host without killing it.   

It struck me that the typical parasite and our Lady's experience with a tapeworm are analogous to the anti-smoker industry that sucks the life and soul out of their host (ie. tolerant settled society), without killing it. They lodge themselves in various scientific, medical and political organisations, who are not only victims in their own right but intermediate hosts used as a stepping stone to infect victims in wider society. They get fat on the various forms of sustenance that their victims supply, then pass on the infection to other societies in other communities and countries via excrement.
It is good to see that tolerant society is identifying the parasites within its midst and are implementing the first stages to eradicate the problem - starve them of funding;
Dick Puddlecote: "I can reveal that hundreds of thousands of pounds of your taxes are being spent lobbying in favour of plain packaging for tobacco. "
Telegraph: "A new clause to be inserted into all new and renewed grant agreements will make sure that taxpayer funds are spent on improving people's lives and good causes, rather than covering lobbying for new regulation" 
Velvet Glove Iron Fist : Beginning of the end for sock-puppets. “At every level - local, national and European - people have been subsidising political campaigns that they may not know about and might disagree with." “Campaigning is an important part of a thriving democracy but charities and pressure groups should not be doing it with taxpayers’ money.” 
Taking Liberties: "eleven councils in the south west are to stop funding the anti-smoking campaign group Smokefree South West which will close in June." ... a spokesman for Cancer Research UK claimed it was a "disaster" 
It's a start that can be built upon, but it is not the complete solution to the anti-smoker parasite problem just yet. 
The Dutch parliament starved 'Stivoro' of funds (equivalent to ASH UK)  and it collapsed in 2014 as did ASH in Australia when its funding was removed. However, while weakened, the anti-smoker industry has not been eradicated and continues to suck funding into other areas. Like the Lernaean Hydra in Greek mythology, you cut off one head and another grows. 

The original mythological Hydra was slain by Heracles either by using a firebrand to cauterize the neck stumps after each decapitation or after cutting off one head he dipped his sword in its neck and used its own venom to burn each head so it couldn't grow back. While there is plenty of venom in the anti-smoker version that can be used, having a burning cigarette handy to cauterize their necks may be just as effective... eh? (Ha!)

In fact we are seeing the anti-smoker prohibition industry really struggling today and failing. Hardly anyone is quitting smoking anymore and many obtain their smokes from tax free sources, so tax revenue is reducing. More and more sensible places in US are repealing, amending or refusing to implement smoker bans, as they realize smoke bans only ever cause harm to business, society and individual health of their residents. 

While the anti-smoker industry will list lots of smoke bans worldwide with the intention to demoralise proud smokers and influence lawmakers (inferring all the world is following the UK lead with comprehensive, rigid, intolerant bans), many of them are actually reasonable, inclusive restrictions that cater for all including smokers, non smokers and vapers. It is also normal to see the anti-smoker industry crowing about how successful they have been in reducing smokers but this provides just another indication of how they are failing. They do claim that smokers are declining and '75% -85% want to quit' (or whatever large percentage they decide upon). They may have done so a few years ago, but today this is no more than biased wishful thinking and a psychological tactic to try and isolate smokers. 

Before the anti-smoker industry turned nasty it was possible to find out accurately who did or did not smoke, but it has now created such an oppressive culture surrounding smoking that any measurement of smoking prevalence or estimates of who wishes to quit is impossible to ascertain. They unsurprisingly and inevitably claim 'success'! ("Resistance is futile I tell you- everyone is complying!" - Lord Haw Haw tried the same tactics). Yet; "Most smokers 15 and older around the world aren't even thinking about quitting" and there are other ways to ascertain how smokers are NOT quitting.  Unsurprisingly, given the extortionate taxation levied, legal sales (used as one measure to suggest that smoking is reducing) are declining rapidly BUT illicit tobacco sales are booming. 'They' tell you that they can control illicit tobacco too but the facts, as usual, tell a different story.

However, there is one major problem that needs to be addressed ASAP. When we have a chronic infestation of anti-smoker parasites as we do today and we keep feeding them money, they will inevitably just keep re-emerging, with a newly grown Hydra-like head complete with large, noisy mouth. Unless their necks are cauterized! Not only that, but this is also actively used, by anti-smoker nutters, to intimidate public figures. They make a point of telling those who have told them "NO" that they will be back again and again and again until they buckle under and say 'yes'. While governments and local councils should be dealing with important issues that affect the community, society or country, they are having to constantly fight off these nutters, knowing that they will have to do the same next year and the year after that... It is psychological bullying and intimidation that needs to be eradicated. 
Kentucky: "The main sponsor of a statewide smoking ban pronounced her bill dead... Stumbo said the smoking ban proposal would have a better chance of passage in 2015, and Westrom said anti-smoking advocates would continue pushing the bill in the future" (it failed again in 2015): 
Montgomery: "Legislation to ban smoking in many Alabama businesses has died... American Cancer Society's, Ginny Campbell, says... the organization will start over with another bill next year. "
 The spurned stalker who continues to harass his love target should and can be sent to prison for his stalking; The rapist who denies rape because he knew that when she said 'NO', she really meant 'YES', should and would normally be sent to prison, but these parasites aren't just defiling one person, they are raping whole communities as well as those public figures who represent them, and indeed the democratic process. They are a vocal minority who can harass and intimidate public figures over and over again at will and with impunity!

The majority of the public are actually decent people who are sick of hearing a small minority of anti-smoker nutters stamping their feet and screaming ME ME ME - it's all about ME!! (Note: There is a world of difference between a non-smoker and an anti-smoker who thinks he/she speaks for everyone - in their deluded brain). These nutters are making a mockery out of so-called democracy   but, of course, some places are still faithfully following the nutters in tobacco CONTROL. They usually give some good incentives for compliance and have taken callousness to a new level for those who refuse to do so. There are on-going anti-smoker hate campaigns to effectively torture the mentally ill, evict smokers from their homes, deny them medical treatment and create deep rifts between friends, families and neighbours etc. These are tactics that were last effectively used in 1930's Germany. Anti-smoker nutters however, are finding more and more resistance to their corrupt practices and destructive agenda. Despite all their power and the money they throw around, the anti-smoker campaign is failing as rational people/doctors/politicians etc become aware of and refuse to lie down and surrender to what is effectively covert tyranny. They are slowly coming to realise that it is not just a smoker problem but a precedent that WILL affect THEM too. 

BUT it is no good for Politicians, Representatives, Councillors etc (ie those people with the power to actually reign them in), wringing their hands and pleading 'its not fair'; 'someone needs to do something' ... These nutters need to be eradicated - cut off their funding, find a way to stop them intimidating, bullying and returning year after year to harass the public and public figures. STOP them side-stepping the will of the people. It is public figures who must act. Unfortunately there are some who believe politicians are the main targets to be duped and demoralised  and I agree! The general public are irrelevant in this power struggle over who controls whom. Hopefully this is no too widespread.  Fundamental reform is needed and a good dose of castor oil, stuffed down the throats of anti-smoker nutters, would be a welcome next stage. 

The anti-smoker agenda is all exaggeration, hyperbole or trivialisation,  and is mainly defined by mendacity, working on the flawed principle that 'no one asks the victor if he told lies'. Their only answer to incessant propaganda is MORE incessant propaganda - you need to ask why that propaganda (costing a fortune) is necessary and why there is so much resistance to it? Surely no logical brain still thinks that all those people who are rejecting anti-smoker rhetoric are tobacco company shills and it can all be explained away as a tobacco company plot, as anti-smokers would have you believe? It is unsustainable and will inevitably collapse. The only variable is how much damage these nutters will wreak on civilised society before it is eventually eliminated.
Heartland: history shows smoking bans likely to be repealed; "Many smoking bans have been adopted in the past, often for reasons that appear ridiculous in hindsight, and they were repealed when cooler heads prevailed." 
Today's anti-smoker campaign is no different, cooler heads will again prevail, and 'they' will eventually also appear ridiculous with hindsight. Apart from allegedly being based on 'science', have thousands employed to push it and $billions spent on it this time around, the principle is exactly the same and the end result will inevitably be the same.  One positive outcome however, will be a greater appreciation of the health and cognitive benefits of tobacco smoking that have been suppressed in pursuit of tobacco prohibition. These ironically, have been discovered as a result of the examination of, and being motivated by, anti-smoker mendacious rhetoric and biased scientific anti-smoker research. 

Nurses in1930's
ps. There is no such thing as a 'capnotaeniaendoparasite'. I made it up, but it does describe capnophobic anti-smoker nutters pretty well and there are indeed such parasites as 'taenia' genus 'endo parasites'.

pps; Yes, I'm delighted these parasites are losing their jobs. I will be even more pleased if the rest of them had to go get a proper productive job like peeling radishes for a pig farm - and I am not alone in being delighted ;

Dick Puddlecote;  Following Friday's fantastic news that Smokefree South West have lost their funding and are to close in six months, it seems there are many tobacco controllers who are rather piqued that some of us are delighted.


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