Wednesday, 25 August 2010

More Selective 'Success'

 Uma Thurman 

Anyone notice the statistical jiggery-pokery in this article, intended to give the impression that the current/recent anti-smoker campaign is ‘successful’? The reduction the anti camp report is for ADULT smokers over a period of 10 years - I wonder why no mention of youth smoking ? What we really need to know is how much reduction since smoke bans were put in place in 2006. More importantly, is that reduction good enough to warrant this regression to a society more akin to 1930’s Germany than 21st century Britain involving the subjugation of minority groups such as smokers, and increasingly drinkers, the overweight, the inactive etc AND are there any resultant benefits? 

It is a fact that most smoke bans have resulted in the halt of a decades long decline in smoking and have often heralded an INCREASE.  (eg.The percentage of young people smoking [in Scotland]  fell from 31% to 25% between 1999 and 2004, but soared to 30% in 2007.) It would actually be reasonable to expect a decline, not because more people have quit, but because of the oppressive methods employed by anti-smoker fanatics, effectively forcing any reasonably astute smoker ‘off the radar’.

If you believe that any of those selective figures are representative of reality today, you must be living in the same land of abundant clouds and cuckoos as those who suggest them. Who, in their right mind is going to admit to being a smoker in todays climate? ... Only the most gullibly who believe the rubbish that the anti-tobacco industry spews out and who fail to appreciate the consequences of trusting the untrustworthy! 
“Oh yes, I’m a smoker, now you can treat be like a child abuser and a modern day German jew. You can refuse to treat me on the NHS; You can refuse to allow me somewhere to live or work or adopt a needy child; you can fine me £000’s for dropping a bit of fag ash, or send me to jail because I won’t comply with righteous diktats; you can incite the local Hitler youth to assault me while shouting ‘ciggi busters!‘ (just for their ‘harmless’ bit of fun of course). Oh yes, treat me as a sub-human cos I smoke, I love being abused and humiliated” 
Anti-smoker ‘Health campaigners’ (now there’s one of the best examples of euphemism), should give their heads a slap as they know as well as I that those figures cannot be anywhere near accurate!

Anti-smoker ‘Health campaigners’ have not, from what I can see, improved health one bit, on any level using any measure! The opposite is more likely to be true! While life expectancy has improved as it has done for centuries, regardless as to the prevalence of smokers/smoking, almost all ‘smoke related’ disease incidence is spiraling out of control while smoking has reduced consistently over a generation. In USA, Lung cancer increased by over 30% over a period of 8 years (2000-2008) (ACS stats copied in appendix), while over the same period US population increased by a mere 8%. A marvelous success there? Heart disease has been reducing over a number of years, but why this is classed as a ‘smoke related’ disease is slightly baffling, when it not only kills smokers but is the BIGGEST killer of non-smokers. Improvements here are down to better treatment of hypertension etc! 
For men who never smoked, heart disease was the single largest cause of death from age 50 on. The death rates for heart disease (for male non-smokers) were higher than the combined death rates for lung cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer at any age. .... It is the number one killer for non-smoking men from age 50 and for non-smoking women from age 60”.(source:
JNCI 2008 Stibich Ph.D (2009)) 

This certainly puts into sharp perspective the alleged link between smoking and heart disease - in fact there is NOT ONE smoke related disease that DOES NOT affect non-smokers too - food for thought for anyone with a rational brain!

Some anti-tobacco drones actually believe that their cause is just and that everything they are told by their high priests is unquestionably true, they dutifully go out into the world to spread their word! These people are dangerous! The more they fallaciously blame smoking for every ailment under the sun and cast smokers as murderers etc the more they encourage the gullible to oppress and abuse others and the more society is degraded. The more they perpetuate the myth that lung cancer (LC) is a self inflicted smokers disease, the more people will die from it. LC heads the cancer leader-board but because of the righteous, it has become a ‘non-persons’ disease and as a result gets only around 5% of all funding. Anti-tobacco and their lackeys fill their boots and bank accounts - diverting valuable resources away from research into causes and cures. result:  MORE non-smoker and smoker DEATHS FROM LUNG CANCER! The anti-smoker movement IS causing deaths!!

Why are we seeing these ‘success’ figures at this time, along with a frantic campaign to indoctrinate an increasingly skeptical public in narrow negative stereotypes of smokers and a despicable exploitation of the emotive responses to protect the children by use of false or grossly exaggerated ‘harm’ allegedly caused by SHS? …. Because they are losing the initiative and are frantically trying to re-establish it! ... Those Politicians worldwide, who were easily manipulated by the fanatics in anti-tobacco to vigorously support them are being kicked out of office and replaced by those not so easily deceived who are just beginning to question the wisdom of such a destructive and socially divisive so called ‘public health campaign. 

It is clear to me, and I'm sure many others, that anti-smoker freaks are just beginning to realise that their gravy train is struggling and the tracks ahead look unstable. They are beginning to realise that their enemy is no longer the big tobacco companies whose only real interest is bottom line profit,(which is doing very well at the moment) BUT PEOPLE; honest, law abiding, ordinary PEOPLE who have got their measure. PEOPLE who are not motivated by money but the realisation that their freedom and their childrens future is at stake. I think they realise that those PEOPLE are increasing in number every day, from all walks of life, from all over the world and THEY represent a far more formidable enemy. 

It is not all done and dusted just yet - BUT - the writing is on the wall! 

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  1. Hi kin_free,
    this may interest you. The cancer atlases at the NCI have been updated to 2004 and now you can see
    LC by county from earlier than before. I have put a series of maps in an animated gif, you will probably have to click on the map itself to see the animation.