Sunday, 11 December 2011

Good news week.

With the benefit of hindsight it is clear that over the last decade or so, the civilised world has been under a sustained, organised attack by diverse groups of a puritanical/fanatical persuasion and most members of the public have been left in shock and awe, unable to rationalise what was happening. In fact even today I don't think anyone really understands the complexities of what is undoubtedly an undeclared war waged against normality. I too find I am struggling to find a ration reason why there has been an explosion of lies, pseudo science and misinformation emanating from many previously respected institutions and previously trustworthy groups. Why is this happening?  Is this essay relevant?

Here are three positive results, all connected, that hopefully are definitive way points in a return journey to common sense. Nice to see a tiny chink of light at the end of the tunnel and that more people are waking up as they see more and more of their freedoms being erased using the anti-smoker blueprint! 
1) The AGW fraud agenda is rightly being questioned; 
The anthropogenic global warming scam is almost a dead agenda as the UN Global Warming conference in Durban (apparently) breaks down - oh, they did apparently reach an 'agreement' but this is just the corpse twitching. The pseudo science and propaganda used to promote the AGW agenda has been laid bare. However, while the AGW religion appears to be collapsing it cannot be totally written off as there are too many vested interests in keeping the deception alive. Note that the main protagonist in extending the power of the global warming scam at this conference, is the EU!

Whatever your view of Alex Jones and infowars,  Lord Monckton tells it as it is, at the Durban conference;


2)The Anti-smoking fraud agenda is rightly being questioned;
The AGW scam evolved from the anti-smoker blueprint and here too there are cracks appearing as more people begin to question anti-smoker nutters and the extensive, undeniable damage they are causing to the economy, business and society. The Dutch have their measure and are cutting them down to size, hopefully, more nations will follow their lead in these disturbing times.
The anti-smoker 'professionals' are stamping their feet in frustration - tremendous! I look forward to their eventual demise when these parasites will have to look for a proper job, and/or preferably spend some quality time at her Majesty's pleasure! 

3) The EUSSR domination juggernaut, at least for the time being, has had its wheels removed. Cameron has, at last, made a stand.
Hopefully this is only the beginning of the rejuvenation of Britain. The EU will do their worst to marginalise Britain and they will be assisted by the UN and the WHO - both of which also need bringing down too. These three are the joint common denominators in the control culture sweeping the world !

Now there are a lot of 'hopeful outcomes' in this comment, but a thousand mile journey starts with a single step! These are three leaps beyond the beachhead. Liars, cheats and corrupt fraudsters of the healthianity/AGW religious faith- you are in the crosshairs!

Pic: Local Wafflehouse bar/rest. Alabama  
(Hat tip - harleyrider1978)

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